5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Technical Blog

By Sky Lee | 5 Mar 2019 • 3 min read

What is technical blog?

A technical blog is a blog which is involving or concerned with applied and professional knowledge. Some people might think technical blog is belonged to a programmer or tech person. In my point of view, everyone can have your own technical blog, and you should have it.

For instance, a programmer can share the debugging experience, tutorial of building a web app on the technical blog. An eCommerce seller can share the tips and tricks in increasing the sales. Blog or website is a starting point of your career. Here are the 5 reasons:

1. Level up your technical skill

Writing a post on your blog is not an easy task. It involves few steps:

Steps to write a post

Step 1. Select a title of post

It can be any topic which is something you are familiar with or even unfamiliar with.

Step 2. Construct the content

The most difficult stage. You will learn how to write content that's easy to understand. The ideal content should be concise, interesting and accurate.

Step 3. Visualize the content

A picture tells a thousand of words. You may add in some relevant pictures, infographics, spreadsheets or video to improve the reading comprehension.

Step 4. Upload the post

The easiest stage. Just upload to your blog and share on your social media or article sharing website.

2. Build your personal brand

Do you notice that most of the established companies are blogging such as GitHub, Walmart? They share their thoughts, experiences and tips on their blogs. They are telling their target audiences what they are doing for the business, why they do this way, what is the next plan and so on.

Every brand has a unique personality. If you do not know how to build your personal brand, just be yourself and ask the following questions:

  • What do you want to share with your target audience? With your strength, challenge or experience?
  • Who is your target audience? Client, recruiter or competitor?
  • How to present your content? Words, graphics or video?

3. Enhance your portfolio

Unlike portfolio, technical blog is a timeline of your projects lifecycle. You can create a post when you start, doing and completed the projects. In other words, portfolio is for the showcase purpose. While technical blog is for sharing purpose. You can share the feeling and experiences on your blog and publish the summarized version on your portfolio.

4. Increase the traffic

Every post you write on your blog, it is an indexed page on your website. It will increase the chance that search engine will drive the traffic to your website or blog. If visitors like your content, they will share your content to their friends and engage for your future updates.

You may share your post on some popular articles sharing platform like Medium. To avoid be penalized in search engine rankings like Google, remember to add canonical tag

<meta><link rel=”canonical” href=”Your Source URL” /></meta>

while you publish the content on another platform.

5. Open opportunity

Once your technical blog is established, it means you have more opportunities such as

  • approached by recruitment agents or company who interested in you
  • potential client who needs your professional solution
  • partnership with blogger from other fields or countries
  • request to place advertisement on your blog (extra passive income source)

If you do not have a technical blog, how do you expect the recruiter or potential client to approach you? When you introduce your professional profile to someone, technical blog will be the good choice. It is the something concrete proof for them. Hence, time to manage your blog now.